America and Spirituality

by Stephen Kelly

What does it mean to be an American?
Can our innate spirituality help us
To know what gifts we each have?
And to know what is ours to do?


"If one clearly sees that while treating 'things'
As 'things,' he himself is 'No-thing'
How can he be content to govern the 100 clans
Of the world-- he is the Sole Possessor!" (Chuang-Tzu)


Bay Area world-- USA-- planet Earth--
Solar system-- milky way galaxy
Who am I? Could this be all me?
Cosmic consciousness right now? Hey Hey
Person/transpersonal meditation
Emptiness dancing in the USA?

Hey Hey USA-- Hey Hey USA
Consciousness dancing in the USA-- Hey Hey

It's the ending time of the USA empire
  From love of power-- to power of love
  From me to we
What can we do?
  as we do in Aware Boundless Spaciousness?

Cosmic consciousness.... now..... is humans evolving god!
Integral evolution
And the galaxy is rooting for us--
To choose awareness, ecology, art play
Laughing Buddhas-- Zen and comic spirit in non-violent direct action!
Obama for President!

"Having realized his Self nature is space
The sage without attachment or desire
clings to no-thing". (Sankara)

Yes meditate the paradox-- Art of living breathing
Let's get into active preferences-- beyond attachments
Adventures with some real risk and aliveness:
Stop global warming-- do you really need a car?
Stop world hunger-- start a community garden.

Solar and wind power-- not coal and nuclear poisons!
Ecovillages within ecocities not suburb sprawl.
Let's paint eco-billboard murals beyond me greed ads.

Sing and dance in city parks
Wear bright clothes, smile at strangers....
Get real-- get

Hey Hooray USA
Hey Hey USA
Hey Hey it's now the time
To play mischiviously-- cosmically!
Just for fun-- Hey Hey

(performed at Leaning Tower coffeehour 4/29/08
Stephen Kelly/Mr.Fun on the flute and dancing
Dave Robbins reading)